Communications, Delusions and Agitation when dementia worsens.

Eila is losing the ability to communicate verbally as the dementia progresses. Her communication is now for me like a game of charades. Facial expressions, gestures with the hands pointing to the sky, body language, and behaviour changes as she becomes agitate that I am not understanding. Watching your spouse communication deteriorate is heart wrenching at times. It reminds me of the switch over to digital television. The old signal that I grew up with never seemed to be affected by the atmospheric conditions always reliable, clear picture and sound however, With the change over to digital TV atmospheric conditions causes annoying digital TV interference, the newsreader’s lips blurt out a word but the sound stops mid-sentence or there are two or three lines across the screen that blank out the face as if the station has filmed somebody leaving a court building and they ought not be identified. It’s like a scratch on a long-playing vinyl record or in a DVD that causes the vision to freeze.

Along with communications problems the ability to interrupt the surrounding environment is becoming an issue. The TV was the first noticeable sign.  In the morning I have prerecorded Joyce Myer. After breakfast I put it on while I tidy up. She talks to Joyce with such conviction as if she is right there in the lounge room. Calls me to talk to her as well, so we both hold hands and have a talk. This may appear delusional, but the cause is a misinterpretation of the environment.


They may hear someone talking on the TV and not realise that the voice is coming from the TV, so they may respond to the person on TV. If the voice is angry, the person may respond angrily.

The last couple of days Eila has been sorting out some papers but somehow they now are people who have come into our house and want to eat all our food. To resolve the issue I had to tell them they had an hour to leave and not come back.

I then took Eila out for hour and when we got home diverted her away from the papers to the lounge room then walk out pick up the papers and throw them away. Sometime later Eila informed me that they had left and she was happy.

For me as a carer it all about keeping Eila in an enviroment that she content and happy. I’m not going to tell her she crazy or delusion as its counter productive.


Psychosis is a serious mental disorder characterized by thinking and emotions that are so impaired, that they indicate that the person experiencing them has lost contact with reality. People who are psychotic have false thoughts (delusions) and/or see or hear things that are not there (hallucinations).