From 1 July 2015, all Home Care Packages will be delivered on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis.

If you want to stay in your own home as you get older, but need some help with things like cleaning and preparing meals, or with transport so you can go shopping or attend appointments, a Home Care Package may help you.
What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package provides a co-ordinated package of services tailored to meet your specific care needs to:
• help you to stay in your own home as you get older
• give you choice and flexibility in the way your care and services are provided to you at home
What types of services are provided?
The types of services you get under a Home Care Package will depend on your needs. Your service provider will work in partnership with you to identify your goals and needs. Your service provider will also work with you to co-design the best ways to deliver those care and services so you can live a more active and independent life.

The services that can be provided in a Home Care Package include:
• personal services – such as help with showering or bathing, dressing and mobility
• support services – such as help with washing and ironing, house cleaning, gardening, basic home maintenance, home modifications related to your care needs, and transport to help you do shopping, visit your doctor or attend social activities
• clinical care – such as nursing and other health support including physiotherapy (exercise, mobility, strength and balance), services of a dietitian (nutrition assessment, food and nutrition advice, dietary changes) and hearing and vision services

CDC means:
• you get more say in the care and services you access, how it is delivered and who delivers it to you
• you will have conversations about your needs and goals
• you will work in partnership with your service provider to develop your care plan
• you agree to the level of involvement you will have in managing your care package
• you will have a greater understanding about how your package is funded and how those funds are spent through your individualised budget and monthly income and expense statement
• your service provider will monitor and provide you with ongoing formal reviews to ensure that your package still meets your needs.
CDC allows you and your carer more power to influence the design and delivery of the services you receive. It also allows you to exercise a greater degree of choice in what services are delivered and where and when they are delivered.

Remember if your needs change you can have a reassessment to see if you need to change your package.

What types of packages are available?
There are four levels of Home Care Packages which can give you the care and services you need:
• Level 1 supports people with basic care needs
• Level 2 supports people with low-level care needs
• Level 3 supports people with intermediate care needs
• Level 4 supports people with high-level care needs.
Each package level is funded at different amounts paid by the Australian Government to the service provider that delivers care and services to you.

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