Dementia does not discriminate. Anybody who lives on this planet may be affected cognitive decline. My wife began to forget where she put things and asked for the same question over and over again, we just thought she was aging. With each passing month, it seemed to get worse.

Here are a few things Eila began to do.

Early on she would hide money, her purse then forget where she put them. Make telephone calls to her friends but close the door and talk quietly so I could not hear. Mobile phone records indicated she would ring the same number a multitude of times lasting two seconds. Washing of clothes daily up to six loads a day. There might be only two or three items at a time. Hang them out on the cloth line then check if they were dry and move them on the line.

Progressively the ability to cook stopped, but the interim she would consistently leave the stove or burn the food. She wanted to help but her focus was not there. I chose to let her do as much as she could until she realised she was unable to complete the task. As her ability to read diminished she would blame her glasses and want and have a eye check up.
Presently she cleans the floors with paper tissues. She finds the smallest thing on the floor and so the floor is dirty. Talks regularly the the television and believes they are listening to her and talk back.

Hiding her handbag is a big deal which we go through most nights as she is concerned someone may come in a take it away. Our family photos are laid down so that people will not take them. There are times daily where she will move items to and fro

“The 36 Hour Day” book really helped me on how to deal with the day to day turmoil of a loved one suffering from dementia.

Dementia is cruel mainly to the carer .



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