Medical PlanHaving a medical plan is not normally conceived when life is normal.

Having a medical  plan after the first diagnosis’ of dementia in confirmed should be a priority as your views and lifestyles need to be reviewed and appropriate changes take place.

My journey of change has been slow, too slow in reflection but that’s only because I’ve not known what to do. My world view on a lot of areas is now radically different from two years ago.People say that knowledge is power. Today I know that’s incorrect. Wisdom is power.  Example would be How many people know that they should not smoke but do even after being shown all the evidence on what it does do your body don’t. That’s knowledge. Wisdom commits to giving up because it has knowledge of the effects it has on your body. Changes occurring in my life. Regular medical check up for both of us.
Have a medical plan by speaking to your doctor  and  action it. Mine now includes

Physical Health

Exercise. I have never joined a gym but now we both go once a week
Walking more.
Parking the car further away to get exercise.

Mental Health

Taken on new areas of interest.
Reading a lot more books. Non fiction
Brain exercises
Have enrolled in university.

Nutrition Health

Changing my eating habits
Taking supplements
Eating fruit.These changes have occurred as I read about consequences of own action, my wifes condition and the knowledge that I need to be strong physically and mentally for the journey.

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