Health Medical Plans began  fifteen months before becoming a full time carer I made a appointment with the doctor to have my first complete check up. Before this time would only go when Eila would nag me continuously.
All was okay. We had been talking up then in generalities in front of Eila or he would send her to the toilet to do a sample so we could talk. Each time we met a little more information was given to me of what to expect with regards to Eila. He had recently moved practices and it took an hour to travel to see him. Eila was put on a health plan with three monthly reviews. As he was our family doctor who diagnosed all her conditions there was no need to repeat symptoms for him to work out what is going on.
Mentally of me that was a good feeling however distance would be a problem in the future as Eila would go through a period of needing to go the doctor for same imaginary ailment. If I didn’t take her or delayed making a appointment symptoms would get worse or the consistant asking would become unbearable. You learn that its easier to make the appointment. Our doctor understood.My last visit to see him was one week before becoming a full time carer. He agreed with me that the distant was a issue and that we needed to find a new family doctor close by. He would forward a copy of his notes to the next doctor.
I found one for Eila first. A female doctor because I felt for ladies check up Eila would feel more at ease with a female and may open up.
For me I decide to have a different doctor. I found one that had the empathy I needed and was concerned for my mental and psychical health. The first visit lasted a hour and a half. She believes in dealing with a areas at once instead of multiple visits. She is always behind on her appointments. Her first concern was my general health and then mental. We formulated a health plan all encompassing with three monthly visits. It was through these visit that I learnt new ways to deal with Eila. Techniques to tell a fib plausibly and why you need to do it. This was a hard thing for me at first but takes stress out of the situation.
These two example happened during the time I was working.
Eila may have had a condition call leaky gut. Most medical practioners don’t believe it and it requires a urine sample to make the diagnoses. Eila years ago had seen a doctor in Sydney who first diagnosed it. About every three months Eila would tell me that she need to have the test again as she had it back. It was costing about one hundred and fifty dollars all up. The symptoms of Eila condition did not clip so begrudgingly I agree to the test. Part of the treatment was a change of diet, no diary no this no that. As I became wiser about her memory problems as we call it. I was becoming suspicious. She went to see her again but this time a rang to speak to the doctor before Eila got there. The receptionist tried to tell me that she could not all me to speak to the doctor. I advise that I would sue toe practice if I didn’t get to speak with her. After she put me through to the practice manager he understood and got the doctor to ring before Eila went in. To my dismay the doctor had been telling her for more than twelve months that there was nothing wrong and no need to come again. She was not aware of Eila dementia. We agreed that if Eila rang again she would ring me direct.
Same problem but behind my back (not deliberately) she would ring up her girl friends ask they would take her to see a naturopath who could do the same test only eighty dollars. Now I’m full time a carer I get this bill for tests that she done.
I go and see them and some two years she was getting told she did not have it. She believe she had. We arranged protocols to be followed and sure enough Eila was persistent that she needed the test. We arranged the appointed and in the morning collected the sample and pretended to take it up. As the test can be done immediately I came home three hours later after doing some errands and gave her the good news that they came back negative. Eila was delighted. This takes at all the stress and anxiety that develops in Eila and myself I don’t fell frustrated with doing wasteful tests and costing money.Back to my medical plan.Walking is important, slowly changing my eating habits and have enrolled in a university course doing a bachelor degree online after reading lots of books on brain health and talking to my doctor. Presently there are more than five thousand people over the age of seventy five studying a university course in Australia. I realized that one day I will need to go back into the work force and to be up the speed in my areas of endeavour.My conclusions is that having a family doctor and not a factory GP was very important for the welfare of Eila and myself and worth the effort to find one that you can be comfortable with and having medical plans.
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