imagesSymptoms of dementia is a serious problem throughout the world. It occurs when there is a deterioration or loss of brain function due to several factors. The most common is age related but it can affect memory, language, or overall behavior.

Dementia is normally caused by some type of disease. And for the most part it is still irreversible. This makes it a difficult problem for many patients and their families.

Most problems associated with dementia affect elderly patients and seniors. Not only do they tend to lose some of their natural brain function over time, this cognitive decline can become worse due to dementia.

For elderly patients, the most common form of dementia is called lewy body disease. The patients who suffer from this disease have abnormal protein structures in their brain which impairs normal brain functioning.

Dementia can also be caused by stroke and is called vascular dementia. The problem is due largely to vascular problems which reduced or cut off adequate blood flow to the brain. Some areas of the brain may have become damaged due to insufficient blood flow which can lead to dementia symptoms.

Fortunately there are some types of dementia which can be fairly easily corrected. They may have been caused by a vitamin deficiency, tumors, changes in blood sugar, and other factors. If the problem is identified and proper corrective actions are taken in time, the symptoms could even reverse themselves.

Common symptoms of dementia can include: language problems; memory problems; perception problems; changes in emotional behavior or changes in personality. In addition some loss of cognitive skills such as abstract thinking or mathematical calculation may occur.

As these symptoms worsen over time, it can eventually interfere with the ability of someone to take care of themselves. People may forget details about a current event or even to lose awareness of who you are. People forget to take their medications at the right time which further worsen their health.

Eventually the symptoms can be so dramatic as to prevent people from understanding language, recognizing family members or even have the ability to eat, dress or bathe. As we know, dementia is a stage towards Alzheimer’s Disease and its painful conscequences.

These symptoms can often be identified through a number of different tests. The most common type is called a mental status evaluation. It is often given to patients who suspect they may be suffering from early stages of dementia.

If possible it is best to identify symptoms in early stages in order to realize the maximum benefit from different treatments.

There are certain types of treatments which can help to slow down the level of brain deterioration caused by the dementia. Certain drug therapies have been shown to be of benefit as are physical therapies or even brain training.

All these techniques and treatments help to provide the patient with the ability to slow down the progression of the disease or to even reverse some of the symptoms. It may not completely eliminate the deterioration and progression of the disease. However it can provide some relief and offer patients a better quality of life.

Thomas Manner is a specialist in neuroscience and the brain training field in general.

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